We partner with artisans at the very grassroots. We support them in a way that promotes their dignity, just as they support Shriyani by sharing their stories through their craft. Shriyani is a platform for marginalised communities to weave their stories through the accessories and clothes we wear. Shriyani is committed to creating a partnership of mutual respect and empowerment.


We source as much material as we can from artisans that are supported by NGOs that protect their rights. We endeavour to use pure fabrics that promote the artisan. This not only includes fair pay but also fair trade practices.


Artisan handicraft is still the second largest source of employment in India with an estimated 200 million workers at the core of the handicraft industry (Crafts Council of India, 2011). This gives India a huge potential to be a hub for ethical fashion as it is one of the few countries where traditional techniques of dyeing, weaving, stitching and embroidery are still culturally relevant.